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New Surgery Waiting Room Provides Comfortable Area For Families

The new Surgery Waiting Room is now open. In early Fall  an electronic board in the waiting room will track the patient’s progress through surgery allowing families to know what phase of the surgery process their family member is in (i.e. surgery has started , now in recovery etc.) An additional new benefit is the location of two restrooms in the waiting room area so families no longer have to walk a distance to find a restroom. The new Surgery Waiting Room is part of a larger surgery renovation and addition now under construction which also will feature a covered canopy for picking up patients and additional operating and recovery rooms.

Pediatric Hospitalists Care For Newborns & Hospitalized Children

Pediatric Hospitalists At Henry Community Health

Parents of newborns and hospitalized children have added reassurance about their children’s care through the Pediatric Hospitalist service at Henry Community Health’s Main Campus.

In The Hospital 24/7

Board Certified Pediatric Hospitalists who work only in the Hospital are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend high risk deliveries, care for newborns and for children admitted to the Women & Children’s Unit. They also are available for consultation for infants and children seen in the Emergency Department.

Significant Experience and Training

The Pediatric Hospitalists  have significant experience, knowledge and training regarding the needs of newborns and hospitalized children. The Hospitalists know how to care for infants and children in a way that is comfortable and reassuring for parents and the child. They also can facilitate the transfer to a tertiary hospital if specialized care not provided at Henry Community Health is needed.

As members of New Castle Pediatrics, they are part of the Henry Community Health team working with staff in the Women & Children’s Unit and coordinating care with the pediatricians at New Castle Pediatrics, family medicine physicians at New Castle Family & Internal Medicine and other primary care physicians as needed.

Pediatric hospitalists include:  David Zipes, MD, Director; Heather Bricker, MD; Donald Miller, DO; Kwabena Osei, MD; and  Brian Sykes, MD.