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To Learn more about your risk for Colorectal Cancer, download our Family Tree Tool: Family_Health_Tree (1).pdf 




mARCH 2  from 1:30-2:30

Henry County Hospital

Room a-- Across From The Cafeteria

If you have COPD plan to attend our March 2  meeting where we will discuss Breathing Exercises.  Our Better Breathing Support Group is here to help our patients diagnosed with COPD and their loved ones manage health day to day and learn how to have more good days than bad days.

Questions:  Contact Shelley Wilson, RN, MSN at 765.599.3109 or Angie Haas, RN at 765.599.3545

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Have You Been Told You Have Pre-Diabetes?   Check Out The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program: Diabetes often can be prevented through lifestyle changes such as losing weight and exercising. The Henry County YMCA is addressing the diabetes epidemic in Henry County with an evidence-based program developed by the national YMCA for people who are at risk of developing diabetes. The first class had six participants who attended classes on diabetes and prevention, exercised at the YMCA, lost weight and developed friendships and a support system. Lives were changed physically, mentally and emotionally as confidence was boosted to take steps to make personal lifestyle changes. A new class is now forming. Contact Kelsay Smith at 529-3804 Ext. 2 or at